The Problem

Baltimore’s transit offerings including Bus, Light Rail and Metro – are disconnected and not run optimally. The lack of a real transit system hampers our City’s ability to attract and retain families and businesses. Our City’s piecemeal transit directly contributes to patchwork economic development, intractable quality of life frustrations for residents in neighborhoods, and persistently segregated communities. While complex, these problems are fixable.

The Solution

The development of an equitable, comprehensive, efficient and effective public transit system is essential to the City of Baltimore’s long-term sustainability, prosperity and relevance. Transit Choices suggests that running what we have optimally and efficiently is the first step towards better transit.

The Effects

A higher quality of life marked by transit alternatives that are better for the environment, healthier for the individual, and more beneficial for the local and regional economy.

“A real transit system is a system of transit modes that interconnects and provides a variety of options to go from a wide range of origins to a wide range of destinations on a regional scale.”
Klaus Philipsen AIA, Transit Choices Member

“Integrating modes of transit is key to making Baltimore’s transit system efficient and effective.”
Jimmy Rouse President, Baltimore Transit Campaign