Work Groups

Transit Choices formed work groups around each mode of transit (Rail Transit, Buses and Circulators, Water Taxi, Biking, Pedestrian) and charged these groups with two tasks.

  1. Develop a “Quick Hits” list of low cost, high visibility and high impact improvements to our transit system.
  2. Develop plans for longer term improvements to transit infrastructure that would result in an integrated, effective and efficient transit system.

The list of “Quick Hits” for each mode follows. The work groups are presently engaged in developing plans for longer term improvements.

Click here to download the Quick Hits booklet (PDF).

Ride the Rails (MARC Trains, Light Rail, Metro, Streetcars)

  • Install comprehensive and clear maps and signage at all stops and brand transit vehicles by color-code.
  • Maintain shelters.
  • Consider fare free zones.
  • Install bike share and car share at all stops.
  • Implement express light rail lines and increase service during downtown events in frequency and duration.
  • Ensure full implementation of signal priority.
  • Install WiFi on light rail and in underground metro stations.

Buses and Circulator

  • Enhanced maps accessible both physically and electronically.
  • GPS tracking for real-time data.
  • Advocacy for Circulator extensions.
  • Require fixed-route public transit providers to publish schedule data using General Transit Feed Specification.
  • Improve bus rider experience with clear road markings, resurfacing, and enhanced lighting.

Water Taxi

  • Safer waiting areas, including year round shelters and well lit pathways, and/or security cameras.
  • Enhanced dock safety, including ramps for handicapped accessibility.
  • Digital Signage installations and a ‘next taxi’ app.
  • Enhanced car parking at landings.
  • Enhanced bike racks on and off taxis, and/or bike share stations at landings.
  • Expansion of ‘on demand’ water taxi service.

Bike Baltimore

  • Build Downtown Baltimore Bicycle Network.
  • Jones Falls Trail Improvements.
  • BCDOT staff educated on bicycle planning and engineering.
  • Enhance public access to transportation planning and resurfacing documents and data.
  • More bike racks and corrals and web-based bicycle rack requests.
  • Establish and support bikeshare.

Walk Baltimore

  • City-wide adoption of a Complete Streets policy.
  • Improve streetscaping around Penn Station.
  • Provide adequate crossing times.
  • Routine crosswalk maintenance.
  • ADA Accessible.
  • Eradicate rush hour traffic lanes.