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City-wide adoption of a Complete Streets policy.

Why: While we know that City DOT is planning on implementing a Complete Streets policy, it is necessary to have an annual Complete Streets review of all completed and planned projects to ensure that the policy is actually adhered to, and that there is a level of accountability.

Improve streetscaping around Penn Station.

Why: The Charles Street corridor around Penn Station is one of the City’s most visible locations, especially with regards to visitors getting on and off trains. At the moment the area is underutilized and is not a welcoming space to the public. However, if the area was transformed into a beautiful public space where people actually wanted to be, it would go a long way towards revitalizing Baltimore’s public image.

Provide adequate crossing times.

Why: At the moment many of the lights in Baltimore are extremely long, which not only encourage pedestrians to jaywalk, but also encourage vehicles to run red lights, both of which are very dangerous. If the light time was reduced, the flow of traffic would improve and safety would increase (as in many other cities where this is true).

Routine crosswalk maintenance.

Why: Many of Baltimore’s crosswalks are very poorly maintained, so much so that many are not visible to vehicle operators. This is very dangerous for pedestrians because if a driver does not see a crosswalk, they do not expect anyone to cross the street in that area. Routine crosswalk maintenance would not only increase pedestrian safety, but also improve the public image of Baltimore’s transportation infrastructure.

ADA Accessible.

Why: At the moment not all sidewalks in Baltimore have ADA accessible curb cuts, which is in violation of a federal requirement. This means that persons with disabilities cannot navigate certain areas of the City.

Eradicate rush hour traffic lanes.

Why: Rush hour traffic lanes mean that pedestrians lose a buffer zone between them and cars which they are normally used to having at all other times. This is a very important safety issue for pedestrians.

Work Group Members

Jennifer Goold, Chair“, Neighborhood Design Center
Peter Duvall,Greater Homewood Community Corp
Thomas Hewitt,Tindale-Oliver
James McComas,Charles Village Community Benefits District
Luke Mowbray,University of Maryland
Anikwenze Ogbue, McCormick Taylor
Greg Smith,Johns Hopkins University
Ben Stone,Station North
Patrick Terranova, Baltimore Development Corporation
Ashley Wallace,Central Baltimore Partnership

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