Transit Choices is a coalition of business organizations, universities, cultural institutions, developers, environmental groups, community groups, transportation planners, young entrepreneurs, and concerned individuals joined together by the vision of creating an efficient and effective public transit system in Baltimore. A system that is safe, reliable and equitable. Our organization is addressing the structural racism that exists in our city. An equitable public transit system will serve all the citizens of Baltimore and beyond.

Over the next 50 years, including the periods encompassed by the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board’s documents, “Plan it 2035” and “Imagine 2060 – the Region we Create,” the Baltimore Metropolitan Public Transportation System should be planned and implemented to be:


Broad in its geographical coverage, serving both the urban core and the larger metropolitan area, it will link all population and commercial centers in the five-county and Baltimore City Region.


Composed of a range of modes (heavy rail, light rail, streetcar, bus and circulator, water taxi or ferry, bicycle, pedestrian, etc.) with selection of the most appropriate modes for different areas of the City and surrounding counties.


Totally integrated among modes allowing convenient, safe, economical and seamless transfer from one mode to another within a regional public transportation system.

Equitable and Sustainable

  • Develop transit hubs
  • Build community and neighborhoods through economic and enterprise development
  • Fiscally Sustainable
  • Environmentally Sustainable

User Oriented

  • Frequent and Reliable
  • Accessible
  • Simple
  • Desirable


  • Quick Hits (PDF) – Low cost, high visibility and high impact improvements to our transit system for all modalities: Rail, Buses and Circulators, Water Taxi, Bikes, Pedestrian.
  • Transit Vision (PDF) – A vision of what can be done in the next four years [and beyond] to create a comprehensive, multi modal, integrated, sustainable and user-friendly public transit system for Baltimore and the region.

User Data

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