Advocating for Public Transit Funding During This Pandemic

Hello Transportation Advocates –

In the spirit of collaboration with other transit organizations, Transit Choices remains busy during COVID-19 by advocating and supporting important issues in the public transit arena. We are collectively fighting to protect transit funding during the pandemic!

Given that public transportation provides people with mobility and access, you can rest assured that we are monitoring the situation and reaching out to transit agencies and other sources for the latest information and updates.

  – April 5, 2020
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Public Transportation Association
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Baltimore Business Journal – April 7, 2020
“Baltimore public transit to receive $385M in federal COVID-19 stimulus money”-

Greater Washington Partnership – April 10, 2020

  • Congress agreed and provided $25 billion in the CARES Act for transit agencies across the country to reduce the financial pressures on public transportation. Capital Region transit agencies will receive almost $1.5 billion in relief. Based on the population and size of the transit systems, the Washington metro area will receive the lion’s share of this funding with approximately $1 billion in relief. The Baltimore metro area will receive $385 million and the Richmond metro area is obtaining $35 million.

We send a heartfelt thank you to all of the essential transit workers for their sacrifices during this challenging time.

We appreciate your ongoing support of our mission and our advocacy work.

Thank you.