Public Transit needs your help! Take Action Today.

Dear Transportation Advocates,

Public transit is essential and facing a financial crisis. We need to keep the pressure on Congress to pass at least $32 billion in emergency relief for transit. Here is a call to action from Transportation for America:

(1) Email and call your members of Congress. Your Congressional delegation needs to hear from you. Use our action page to send an email to your members of Congress, and then follow-up with a call using this script.

(2) Tweet #SaveTransit today. We’re joining with the Save Public Transit Rally organizers this Tuesday to make #SaveTransit trend. Use our social media toolkit to tweet (and tag your members of Congress) in support of at least $32 billion in emergency relief for transit.

Public transit is the engine that drives the US economy. Without a fully operational transit system that people can rely on to get to work, school, dining, shopping, and health care, there is no economic recovery.

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Be Well. Stay Safe. Stay Connected.  

Thank you.