Advancing Baltimore’s Transit Future in the 2023 Session

Transit Choices is a proud supporter of the Baltimore’s Transit Future campaign. We applaud the Greater Baltimore Committee and the Greater Washington Partnership for addressing the transportation and transit challenges that have held back the region’s economic growth and vitality for decades. In the spirit of continued advocacy, we have joined the effort behind a six-pillar strategy for a world-class transit system for Greater Baltimore to: 

1. Bring MDOT MTA into Good Repair & Overcome Staffing Shortages. 

2. Establish Frequent, Reliable Transit Service to Regional Job Centers. 

3. Enhance Regional Coordination, Decision Making, and Funding. 

4. Execute a 10-Year Rapid Transit Expansion Program. 

5. Deliver the Benefits of Regional Rail Investments. 

6. Spur Equitable Development along Transit and Rail Corridors. 

2023 Maryland General Assembly Update

The 2023 Maryland General Assembly session closed on Monday, April 10, 2023. Of the five priority bills identified by the Baltimore’s Transit Future campaign, the General Assembly has passed (or advanced by other means) the intent of every bill! This was by all accounts, an extraordinary session which reflected a collective commitment to move the transit agenda forward:

  • The General Assembly has advanced regional governance and funding reform (Strategy 3 via HB0794)
  • Positioned Baltimore for a historic expansion of its transit system (Strategy 4, via up to $200m set aside in the budget for transportation projects), accelerated equitable development around transit and rail stations (Strategy 6 via HB0012)
  • Removed MTA’s requirement to increase fares (HB0673/SB0617)
  • Prioritized transit and regional rail funding (Strategies 1, 2, & 5 via SB0024) by forming the Commission on Transportation Revenue and Infrastructure Needs. 

We congratulate and thank the Maryland General Assembly leadership, the Moore-Miller administration, and the sponsors of these key bills including Senators Augustine, Hettleman, McCray, and Washington, and Delegates Bridges, Edelson, Lewis, Korman, and all the legislators who supported taking decisive action to advance a world class, 21st-century transit system

Thank you.