Bike Share Annual Pass

From: Caitlin Doolin, PE
Bicycle and Pedestrian Planner
Transit Bureau | Baltimore City Department of Transportation 

Bike Share stations will start popping up in Baltimore in the coming weeks and our initial system will go live by the end of the month. We recently released our redesigned Bike Share website where we are running a founding member campaign. The first 250 people who sign up (before the system launches) will receive a founding member annual pass. This is $100/year pass that allows for unlimited 60 minute trips and the cost is grandfathered. This equates to about an $80/year savings and an added 15 mins per a trip benefit (all other passes will only allow 45 min trips before you have to return the bike to avoid overage charges), you just have to be willing to sign up before the system launches. We have sold just over 100 founding member passes in 3 days – so they are going quick!

If you’d like to learn more about the pass, and possibly sign up, details are at the website below. There are also details about our planned stations. Just click “Become a Passholder”, create a registration account and then follow the checkout instructions. I did it on my phone in about 5 mins!

Let me know if you have any specific questions. Also, please spread the word about the founding member pass deal to friends, colleagues, family members or neighbors– this is completely open to the public!

Thanks everyone and happy biking J

Caitlin Doolin, PE
Bicycle and Pedestrian Planner
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