BMC releases report on governance and funding of Baltimore’s regional transit

Press Release

BALTIMORE, MD (Monday, January 30, 2023) – Baltimore Metropolitan Council (BMC) released the recommendations of the Baltimore Regional Transit Governing and Funding Workgroup on Monday. The workgroup was formed by the BMC Board of Directors in July of 2022 to develop recommendations for the future of transit in our region.

The workgroup was chaired by Delegate Tony Bridges (Baltimore City, District 41), a member of the BMC Board of Directors. “I’m proud of the results from this group, and I’m looking forward to keeping our momentum rolling,” said Bridges. “Acting on these recommendations would be a big step toward achieving more equitable, accessible and accountable transit for Baltimore.”

The workgroup included more than a dozen leaders from local community groups, planning agencies, businesses and unions. Senator Mary Washington (Baltimore City, District 43) represented the State Senate on the workgroup. Members met monthly through fall 2022 to develop the recommendations, hearing public comments at each session.

The report includes five recommendations for timely action by our local governments, the Maryland General Assembly and the Moore-Miller administration.

  1. To create a Baltimore Regional Transit Commission;
  2. To require a Regional Consolidated Transportation Plan tour;
  3. To restructure the LOTS Programs so that flexible funds can support both existing and growing transit;
  4. To reconstitute and empower the Maryland Transportation Commission to provide oversight and transparency to the CTP process; and
  5. To conduct a formal study of the creation of a Baltimore Regional Transit Authority.

See the full report for more details.
Read the press release for more information.

Transit Choices wishes to express our appreciation and respect for everyone at the BMC and the members of the Transit Governance and Funding Workgroup for their commitment to build consensus around a set of recommendations regarding the management of transit in the Baltimore region.

Thank you.