Join A Transit Choices “Email” Committee

Transit Advocates,

As a follow up to the Transit Choices meeting on October 16, 2018 at the Impact Hub Baltimore, we want to ascertain the level of interest among participants and followers in forming electronic (email) committees to examine the following topics:

1. The next round of BaltimoreLink improvements – the goal would be to develop a specific list of improvements we feel are necessary to upgrade our bus system and take this list to MDOT Secretary, Pete Rahn and MTA Administrator, Kevin Quinn.

2. Charm City Circulator – the goal would be to develop specific route suggestions along with a funding model for a sustainable system.

3. The Water Taxi – the goal would be to develop a list of suggestions of how the water taxi could become a single system of water transit that is integrated into the city’s overall transit system.

4. Regulations for Dockless Scooters & Bikes – the goal would be to develop suggestions for the improvement of the system and deliver those suggestions to Baltimore CityDOT Director, Michelle Pourciau.

5. Preparing for Autonomous Vehicles – the goal would be to examine the possible effects the advent of autonomous vehicles could have on our overall transit system, and how we could plan to make certain those effects will be beneficial, not detrimental to our overall transit network.

6. North Avenue Rising – the goal would be to work with Councilman Leon Pinkett and community stakeholders to envision a phase ll plan for North Avenue that would deal with improving economic conditions along the corridor as a transit oriented development project.

7. Regional Transportation Plan – the goal would be to work with Get Maryland Moving to develop suggestions for a regional transit vision that could be fed into the legislatively mandated MTA effort of developing a regional transit vision by October 2020.

8. Funding – the goal would be to examine how funding for regional transit projects could be developed looking at what other cities have done and what specific opportunities are available for the Baltimore region.

Please let us know by Friday, November 9, 2018 whether you would be interested in working on any of these topics:

We will get back to you with the responses we have received.

Thank you.