BaltimoreLink Rider Survey

Transit Choices Secures Funding for BaltimoreLink Rider Survey
The transit coalition will utilize rider feedback to develop recommendations for the Maryland Transit Administration

BALTIMORE, MD – Today, Transit Choices, a not-for-profit transit coalition who advocates for a strong multi-modal public transit system, announced it has received funding to support a BaltimoreLink Bus Rider Survey project. The survey project follows a December 2018 Transit Choices meeting at which MTA Administrator Kevin Quinn shared a presentation on data being collected by the MTA. This survey will complement the MTA’s efforts, but will particularly focus on gathering feedback specifically from Baltimore City bus riders. Once the survey is complete, Transit Choices will provide recommendations to the MTA based on the data collected.

“This scientific survey of MTA bus riders will allow us to see what commonalities of the bus riding experience they share and where system and rider experience improvements can be made,” said Jimmy Rouse, Co-Founder, Transit Choices. “We look forward to working closely with MTA to complement their data collection efforts and to improve the BaltimoreLink service in Baltimore City.”

Transit Choices has contracted with the Annapolis-based OpinionWorks to design and implement the survey. Transit Choices will also create an online questionnaire to gather feedback from the general public.

“We look forward to working with Transit Choices to collect feedback from bus riders,” said Steve Raabe, President, OpinionWorks. “Our team has vast experience in the Baltimore region and has previously worked with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority on similar projects. We know reliable transportation is vital for Baltimore residents, and we look forward to hearing how they feel about BaltimoreLink.”

Transit Choices and OpinionWorks are planning to survey transit riders throughout the month of May.

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Transit Choices is a coalition of business organizations, universities, cultural institutions, developers, environmental groups, community groups, transportation planners, young entrepreneurs, and concerned individuals joined together by the vision of creating a real public transit system in Baltimore. Our goal is to transform Baltimore into a more livable, walkable 21st century City.

OpinionWorks conducts frequent opinion studies at the state and local level across the country.  Since 2007 they have polled for The Baltimore Sun newspaper, and for numerous other media and advocates throughout the MidAtlantic region. They are engaged by state and local government agencies from Delaware to Oregon to assess public needs and preferences.  In the transportation field, they have measured customer satisfaction for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, and have assessed the public’s transportation needs in Washington, Baltimore, Chicago, and smaller markets.