Transit Choices Zoom Meeting – November 18, 2021

You’re Invited

This is a friendly reminder of the Transit Choices meeting being held via Zoom on Thursday, November 18, 2021
from 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM.

Please join us for a discussion with our distinguished guest panelists:

Samuel Jordan, President
Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition

Presentation: “Restoring the Red Line – a start toward equity in Baltimore”

SynopsisUnless Baltimore and the region commit to ending race-based transit policy, we cannot have a reliable Central Maryland transportation network anchored by light rail. Construction of the Red Line will transform the region’s economy and its livability. It will also bring 10,000 jobs, dramatically reduce commute times and bring $3 billion-to-$6.5 billion in transit-oriented development TOD

Guckert Headshot.jpg

Wes Guckert, President & CEO
The Traffic Group, Inc.

Presentation: “Should the Red Line be Resurrected?”

SynopsisThe Red Line Project was put to rest six years ago, but Maryland’s Democratic Senators are trying to revive it. Light rail is notoriously expensive to the tune of at least $150 to $250 million a mile. Baltimore’s Red Line, many years ago, was projected to cost $205 million per mile for the Woodlawn to Bayview stretch.  This is no small undertaking from a financial standpoint particularly when our country is overflowing in debt. The city and the state cannot count on federal money from the Infrastructure Bill.  When you review the amount of funds that are possibly  coming to Baltimore City and to the State of Maryland,( the Infrastructure Bill passes), is miniscule in the scheme of things.

Barry Headshot.jpg

Al Barry, Owner
AB Associates

Presentation: “The opportunity for a reimagined Red Line”

SynopsisThe recent inclusion of the Red Line in the pending Federal Infrastructure legislation represents a placeholder rather than a funding commitment. This presents an opportunity to reconsider a more achievable Red Line rather than continue to promote the previous plan.

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