August 19, 2015

Transit Choices Bike Work Group

 Miller’s Court . 2601 N. Howard Street . Baltimore MD, 21218


Jeff LaNoue, Scott Burkholder, Robin Budish,  Liz Cornish

Overview of upcoming facilities:
A. Downtown Bicycle Network
Slated construction Spring 2016, awaiting it to  go to bid this fall.

B. Southeast regional development plan
Lots of bike developments in this plan, but need more substance–i.e. more protected lanes, less roads with just signage

C. Roland Ave
Slated for October completion (now delayed due to curb height issue) Bikemore working with locals to create more public support

D. West Baltimore Bike Boulevards
Treatment to calm streets and make better connectivity to Baltimore MARC

Advocacy Priorities for Bikemore 2015/2016:
A. I bike, I vote
1. Transportation Town Hall
2. Voter Guide
3. Voter registration

B. 10×10 Police Report Policy
Working with police to change incident reporting. Need to remove current policy that takes 10 days to file a report and the victim who requests the report will need to pay $10.