April 14, 2014


Charlie Bond, Robin Budish, Art Cohen, Peter Duvall, Bob Hellauer, Robbyn Lewis, Mac McComas, Klaus Philipsen, Jimmy Rouse, Sandy Sparks

Welcome and Introductions:

Robin Budish welcomed everyone and opened the meeting.

Further discussion of the Rail Transit “Quick Hits”

Jimmy Rouse reported that members of the Transit Choices group will be meeting with staff members at the Department of Transportation on April 17, 2014. The purpose of the meeting is to have a detailed discussion about the Transit Choices “Quick Hits” recommendations and the plan of action to implement. Jimmy expressed the importance of going to the meeting with specific, concrete ideas about what we are requesting, and why. Methodology is key to successful implementation. Projects for discussion will include, but are not limited to:

  1. Signal Prioritization on Howard Street
  2. Create five perfect Intersections (with user-friendliness in mind that exemplify interconnectedness) and the roll out of Complete Streets
  3. Bike Share
  4. Water Taxi (presently operating three different systems which should be integrated and the plan to renew the current operators lease)
 Discussion Points:
  • Jimmy stated that Maps are an important “Quick Hit” to show transit connections. Klaus Philipsen responded that Robert Smith, MTA Administrator stated in a recent meeting that although the present system map needs improvement, a revised map will not be considered until the Bus Network Improvement Project (BNIP) is complete. As such, Klaus made a recommendation that we ask the MTA to have a staff level meeting to discuss signage and mapping.
  • Art Cohen made the point that every light rail stop in the system is not currently published on a schedule.
  • Bob Hellauer suggested that getting a dollar improvement for each “Quick Hit” that we are recommending is critically important. It would be a valuable piece of information to present at the meeting on April 17, 2014 in terms of how much each improvement would cost.
  • Peter Duvall requested that we ask the DOT how it plans to roll out Complete Streets (beyond the Southeast Baltimore project) throughout the city.
  • Robbyn Lewis reported that Complete Streets will become law and that engaging with neighborhoods is critical. Further, Robbyn shared a hard copy of a PowerPoint titled – Mayor and City Council Resolution 09-0433 “Street and Transportation Project – Complete Streets.”
  • Klaus Philipsen mentioned that bus stops have never resolved to be user-friendly and that many of the bus shelters in the city are withering. These issues should be addressed with the MTA and the City. The cost to install bus shelters is approximately $4,000 – $8,000, however, it is unclear what type of minimum bus shelter is feasible if you have low ridership vs. high ridership.
  • Robbyn Lewis stated that the “user experience” applies to all of the “Quick Hits” and that our recommendations have been driven by motivation to improve the experience for all.

Meeting Calendar

Next meeting date TBD.

 Other Discussion Topics:
  • Jimmy Rouse suggested the work group look at a longer range vision for Marc Train, Light Rail and Metro.
  • Klaus Philipsen recommended that we “rethink” all of the work groups because they need an augmentation. Robbyn Lewis agreed and suggested we talk to the work groups about the organizational structure and possibly morphing into something different.
  • A suggestion was made to schedule an evening celebratory “pot luck” dinner with all of the work groups themed “Brainstorming beyond the Silos.”